What is Soft Story? 

A soft story building is a structure that: 

  • Has more than one story. 
  • Was built before January 1, 1978. 
  • Has a first floor with wide open spaces like parking or retail space 



Apartment Rehab

> Framing
> Siding
> Windows/Doors

Specializing in complex framing solutions, ACSR leadership has managed the successful construction of over 50,000 apartment units across two states. 

soft story collapse.jpg
soft story build_2.jpg

Our Values

Commitment to professionalism, innovation, and the very best workmanship manifests at all levels of ACSR operations. From our design and accounting staff in the office, to our experienced field supervision, and our founding leadership. We demonstrate integrity, determination, and adaptive problem solving that has made us a leader in the rapidly-shifting field of multi-family construction. ACSR specializes in challenging projects that require fast problem solving and innovative solutions. 

Why is this important?

In 2013 San Francisco and in 2016 Los Angeles passed city ordinances changing building codes to require buildings to undergo Soft Story Retrofitting – The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program (MSSP). 

Since then, multiple municipalities throughout California have adopted this program and more are expected to in the coming years. The goal of the retrofit program is to reduce structural seismic deficiencies by reinforcing the building’s resistance to seismic events. 

If your property has been identified by the city building department as needing Seismic Retrofitting, you need ACSR. 


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